The 2017 Horse and Hunk Calendar

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There are a lot of horse enthusiasts out there who can appreciate a nice set of rippling muscles, a kind face, strong shoulders and a silky mane...  And hey, those hunks aren't too bad either! 

Straight off the range, we've rounded up some of the best-looking hombres in town (don't worry, they've brought their horses along too). 

Check out the behind the scenes video!

Founded in 2009 by a group of students from the University of Equestrian Business in Dronten, Holland, Horse and Hunk quickly turned from an A+ school project to an Internet sensation. And it’s now available in North America! 

So you may be wondering, should I feel guilty for owning a calendar full of impeccably toned, shirtless horsemen?  
Of COURSE not! Somebody had to hold the horses for the photos, no?  
Okay, tell me more. What do I get?

We’re so glad you asked! Each 9.4" x 13.4" calendar comes with 12 months of hunks and horses, each as unique and charming as the last. 

Your calendar comes with:

  • A new hunk and horse every month
  • Spectacular high-resolution photography
  • High quality, high-gloss paper
  • Did we mention a new hunk and horse each month? 

I love it! But am I going to be embarrassed if my guests see it?

No! This is a calendar you can feel GOOD about. And here’s why: a portion of all proceeds from Horse and Hunk are donated to The Brooke Hospital for Animals, an organization that provides veterinary care for horses and pack animals in developing countries. Ogling this calendar essentially qualifies as charity work. 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!